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In 2012, Cleburne Pregnancy Center saw over 300 new clients and had 599 client visits. These visits include the initial pregnancy test visit, as well as follow up visits for ultrasounds, parenting classes and more.

Approximately 91% of clients begin their relationships with Cleburne Pregnancy Center by having pregnancy tests, and approximately 52% of those have positive pregnancy test results.

Clients with positive tests receive education about the options of adoption and parenting, plus information about the risks of abortion. In addition, they are offered an array of services, including pre-natal and parenting classes, Bible studies, community resources, diapers and wipes, baby clothes and limited ultrasounds. 

Clients with negative pregnancy tests often show readiness to evaluate their lifestyle choices, since they do not have the stress of pregnancy-related decisions. Client advocates are often able to share with them the freeing benefits of abstinence until marriage, as well as the importance of marriage.

Sometimes a client who has a negative pregnancy test will return several months later for another pregnancy test. These clients may appear time after time, trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle of dangerous risks.

Each time, we are thankful these clients have found their way back to our center and continue to provide compassionate, caring and confidential services to them, free of charge.