Volunteer Opportunities

We could not serve our clients without the help of our many faithful volunteers—they are the heart of our ministry! There are many opportunities to serve at Cleburne Pregnancy Center. Everyone who desires to help can find a way to get involved. Volunteer time commitments vary from a few hours weekly to seasonal events a couple of times a year. Volunteer training is provided. Here are just a few of the ministry opportunities available:

Client Advocate:

Provide peer-to-peer options counseling to our clients at the center. Share the gospel with receptive clients.

Special Projects:

Help with occasional projects such as bulk mailings and fundraising events. Serve on an event committee.

Volunteer Office Help:

Perform general office duties or building maintenance.

Volunteer Medical Professional:

We are always in need of volunteer nurses and sonographers. 

Prayer Partner:

Prayer warriors are needed to intercede for clients, workers, and the ministry of CPC in general. Call us to join our prayer group. In-person and online corporate prayer opportunities weekly.

If you are a partner in the ministry of CPC, we want to pray for you! Send your prayer requests to welcome@cleburnepc.com or call the center to speak with a member of our prayer team. Confidentiality is honored for clients and partners alike.

Church Liaison:

Represent the center to your local church. Provide communication and support, linking your church to the ministry opportunities and events of the pregnancy center.

Community Outreach Volunteer:

Share CPC with others at various health and mission fairs in the community. Oversee an information table for various community events.


Support the ministry by helping us maintain clean and sanitary conditions for clients and staff. 

Special Skills (marketing, social media, writing, public speaking, administration, etc.)

You may possess a certain skill set that God can use in the ministry at Cleburne Pregnancy Center. Could God be calling you to serve with us? We’d be delighted to talk with you. Give us a call!

Pray to know if God may be calling you to serve at Cleburne Pregnancy Center.  Contact us at director@cleburnepc.com or call us at (817) 641-7741 for more information.